Art Paper Postpress Usually after the printing is completed, the art paper will be processed in order to increase the gorgeousness of the art paper and highlight the distinctive taste of the product. Common post-press processing and precautions are as follows. 1. Pressure bump Because most art
Patent name: lithographically modified film Patent Application No. 2 Publication Number: 2638981 Application Date: 2003.09.18 Public Day 2004.09.08 Applicant: Lin Weiqiang Luo Ye This utility model provides a lithographically modified film comprising aluminum foil, an oxidative hydrophilic layer
UV metal inks are generally applied by coating method and printing method. Compared to traditional metallic inks, it has many advantages: Reduce costs: UV metal ink can reduce production costs and save energy. With the use of UV inks, it is no longer necessary to design a common metal ink bake ch
Application (Patent) No.: CN200420121113.9 Filing date: 2004.12.31 Name: Packaging structure of electronic products is disclosed (announcement) No.: CN2771128 Publication (publication) day: 2006.04.12 Main classification number: B65D81/05 (2006.01) I points Case Original Application No.: Class No.
Guangzhou Fengdeli brand environmental protection coder has been praised by the domestic market since it was put on the market. Its screen printing machine is characterized by the use of high-quality DC gear motor, making it stable and durable. The service life of a coder can be more than 10 years
In the current infusion, the nursing staff must observe the infusion bottle at any time to prevent the liquid from entering and the blood to return. Because the infusion process is slow and time consuming, the nursing staff, especially at night, work hard and fatigue. The author was a teacher who
Some packaging companies in Japan have developed auto-degradable packaging films to avoid environmental pollution caused by discarded packaging. The autocorrosive packaging film uses wheat protein (ie, gluten) or corn, sweet potato starch, glycerin, glycol, polysilicone, etc., and is mixed, dried
Patent Name: Book Corner Card Patent Application No. 6 Publication Number: 2642512 Application Date 2003.09.19 Publication Date: 2004.09.22 Applicant: Sun Yi is a book protection corner card that protects the corners of books. Its characteristics are: after bending the card 90 degrees on one of