The utility model belongs to auxiliary tools used in shops and other places, particularly a roll-shaped packaging bag and paper easy-to-fetch device. The device includes a box body, an upper cover and a support. The box body is in the shape of a bucket. The upper cover is connected with the box bo
Books are the carrier of human culture. If a work is to be expressed in the form of a printed matter, it must undergo a series of projects such as selection of topics, editing and processing, overall design, production, printing, and post-press processing in order to obtain vivid books that can be
Die-cutting has a long history, but laser die-cutting is a relatively new technology. Lasers can produce highly complex die-cut patterns. LasX Industries' LaserSharp processing speed is 315 inches per second and is suitable for short-run paper product processing and digital printing. The LasX
Recently, chemists at the University of California, Davis have developed a scanner that can detect the deterioration of wine through its outer packaging. The development of this scanner is based on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which is widely used in the medical field. It can detect trace am
Imperial ink company of Japan introduced an IRIS color ink, the ink using the principle of light interference. Screen printing ink with special pigments, its print pattern. When the viewing angle changes. The color of people feels completely different. The Harmony PVC tablecloths are Eco-frie
8848.13 meters - the Everest elevation that has been used since the 1970s, is about to be refreshed, but how is this figure determined, and the technologies and methods used in China during the Mount Everest survey, There are not many people who must know. World Everest Measurement Statistics fro