Breakthrough in Printing Newspapers and Printing Quality (2)

FM / AM outlets

Based on the above reasons, the hybrid network point that combines the advantages of the AM and FM networks has arisen, and this network technology has also undergone several generations of changes.

The first generation: the details of frequency-added screening and screening, and the amplitude-added screening performance of the flat screen are the obvious flaws in the transition between the FM and AM networks, and the network computing time is very long.

The second generation: the highlighting of the FM screening and the midtone of the AM screening. The defect is that there are still traces between the FM and the AM network, and the network computing time is still very long.

Third, breakthroughs in the printing quality of new outlets and newspapers

Based on hybrid networks, a brand new XM (Cross Modulated Screen) network came into being. It fully absorbed the advantages of FM and AM, perfectly solved the transition problem between the two, and can easily use existing printing equipment. And the technology printed high-line newspapers on newsprint web pages and newsprint papers, up to 180 lpi, enabling the newspaper's image quality to achieve the effect of the magazine, and truly achieved a breakthrough in newspaper printing quality.

1. The basic principle of XM outlets

XM outlets use AM sites to express midtones (8-92%), FM sites express bright (0-8%) and dark (92-100%), and the conversion points of the two vary with the number of network lines (see The following figure).

XM uses a special algorithm that perfectly solves the AM to FM transition algorithm: When the AM to FM transition, the FM random point continues the angle of the AM point, completely eliminating the transition marks between the two (see the figure below).

(to be continued)

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