Modern Printing and Post Processing Technology and Art Elements (Part 2)

2. Today's Postpress Shows the Art of Collaboration

"Shoushan Stone Appreciation / Sculpture Art" series (Fujian Fine Arts Publishing House, July 2002 edition) has 13 volumes. The cover is designed as a one-third black solid on the left side to set off the color image of the yellow Shoushan stone carving work corresponding to the name of the book; on the right third of the white space, the name of the red Chinese book is used. The golden ratio of black and white and the contrast of high color, the bright contrast of white to red, the contrast of coldness and warmth, darkness and brightness of black to yellow, intuitively demonstrate the artistic language and theme of the love of Shoushan stone carving craft treasures. This shows the passion and impulsiveness of the introduction of China's folk culture and artistic treasures, which constitutes a clear and implicit artistic conception of harmony, and appreciates the rich and proud pride of Chinese civilization.

What's even more surprising is that the red Chinese character title and the yellow Shoushan stonework color image are all processed on the surface of the extinction-type thin film foundation, and then they are convexly positioned, followed by subsequent overlap and reprocessing. . With the aid of a large area of ​​soft light reflections, the specific center of gravity of the high-luminosity does not come out and is not contested. The use of translucent, refractive contrast, and partial staggered position in the overall plane staggered, so that the color image of the printed product, suddenly showed the real color and three-dimensional shape of the Shoushan stone carving pieces. The auxiliary struggle of the double luster is reflected in the carved parts. It has the right brightness, and gives the paper a texture that still has the authentic stone texture. Embossing squeezing out the distinct levels, through the shape of the light, as if the authenticity of the paper through the local positioning mosaic.

It is precisely because the printing product is the first step in the overall extinction-type film compounding process. The surface base finishes the brightness of the original black ink with different gloss expression after oxidation and drying, and the brightness of the white paint casted by coated paper. Under the cover of the haze state of the same matte film, it tends to approach. Giving people a soft, comfortable and sturdy visual experience, as well as a stable psychological feeling of being able to carry the energy of stone works. This kind of philosophic theory of the sculpting of light caused by the post-printing process creates the philosophical foundation for the surface art of printed products.

After polishing and convex molding processing, the color map has become the actual three-dimensional. Shoushan stone carvings as images have been alive and have begun to resurrect on paper. The matte haze of the matting film reduces the resistance of the light, so that the original back-to-back image showing the color brightness of the ink shows the transparent sense of Shoushan Stone as “frozen ground”. When we continue to earnestly and carefully review each of the printed documents that have been processed in this way, we can clearly see that among the 13 works, some of the carved pieces still have the existence of the original stone yellow cortex, which shows the originality of the original art. Through this deliberately preserved yellow skin, underneath the bright upper mask, as if complemented by variable light, the texture of the stones gradually faded, and the fluorescing of the jade was felt. This kind of post-press processing, just like the original performance of the work, enables the reader to appreciate the true meaning of the word “grade” through his own eyes, by means of the haze-like haze of the extinction film, and the brilliance of the bright light coating. Meaning, to understand the hard work of the majestic axe, and to clarify the “stone and texture of the jade, the purity of the texture, the gentleness, and the attractiveness of the shades”. With the image, color and styling methods of its beauty, contemporary post-press processing produces visual stimuli that are static, motionless, silent and audible, reaching touching social attractions such as artistic attraction, appreciation, and advertising functions.

3. Today's postpress processing shows symbols and symbols of art

In a sense, post-press processing is to perform digital calculations on printed products. The single treatment of coating or coating on the surface of the printing material is equivalent to addition. The necessary specific die-cutting and finishing of printed products is the subtraction of individual parts. For example, printing and embossing on the printed product to make it break through the original plane and make a three-dimensional space can be regarded as multiplication. The necessary indentations and folds transform the large surface of the same printed sheet into a new relationship with multiple facets, which is a division operation. Such as printing on the film after coating, coating and then bronzing; film after molding, die-cutting; glazing after molding, die-cutting; coating / polishing / bronzing / molding / die-cutting and many other This kind of technology works synergistically on the processing of the same print carrier, which is undoubtedly similar to the power operation mode of the quadrature, from planar geometry to the discipline of solid geometry.

The various technological processes of postpress processing are inherently related to constants and functions, as are digital operations. Because there are different variables, and this different variable is affected by the uncertain characteristics of various factors, there will be random new dynamic wave changes. Make today's post-press processing, with a series of innovative arts individual function and value. It is precisely for the purpose of displaying the distinctive information carried by different prints. It can be processed through different technologies of post-press processing and become effective in a specific way. It can be highly effective to attract or sensation and form a design culture to the public. The promotion of the popularization of conversion only enabled the post-press processing not only to keep up with the latest developments in science and technology, but also to follow the development trend of the market economy, as well as decorating, dyeing, clothing, advertising creativity, architectural design, industrial modeling, and medical diagnosis graphics. The use of expression techniques such as stage art, painting techniques, and photographic sculpture arts was properly borrowed. Through the acquisition, reference, transplantation, and post-press processing of these bypass art expressions, the external representations of certain attributes of printed products were used to reveal the thematic concepts of profound expression. Use the symbolism of the texture and the art of implied meaning to enhance the ideal expression.

"Contemporary World Front Thinker" Series

(Heilongjiang People's Publishing House, February 1999), the cover is only at the edge of the surface of the white paper (or top right, or bottom right, or right), and the equal length of the printing is 30mm, and the two overlap and overlap. Two black triangle patterns, two kinds of technical processing after printing:

First, the cover is subjected to a walnut grain roll process so that the full version is a walnut-like texture.

On the surface of the texture of walnut flesh, each book was stamped and printed with modern abstract and colorful aluminum filaments like brain wave peak images, holy aura images, and deformed brain structures like jumping and dignified, disorderly but orderly, incongruous, and conservative. Staggered mesh pattern.

The book does not have a white base paper that is coated or polished on the surface, symbolizing the authentic and pure human nature of the philosopher. Like the reconstructed surface of the brain's texture of walnut pulp, meaning the rich thoughts and profound knowledge of the masters. The multicolored abstract lines, which are intertwined and leaped, and whose patterns of composition are different from one another, are just like the world is showing their active thinking and represent the spark of eternal glory. The two equilateral triangles that overlap each other form two peaks that are tall and straight, representing the differences in the sensitivity of ideas and their respective viewpoints. In the language produced by the post-press processing, readers are given a sense of grandeur by the masters and a new understanding of knowledge and parallel learning. They also leave gaps of different distances from each other, clarify the symbols of the themes of the forefront thinkers in the contemporary world, deepen the inheritance of the past, and continue to develop with the times.

Another book "City Fragments"

(People's Literature Publishing House, October 2001 edition), the white cover is only for mold; the Chinese hole is processed after printing. From the bottom to the top of the stack, left and right spaced regular square holes, just like the windows of a high-rise building in the city. The cover is die-cut to symbolize the architectural image of a tall building, pointing directly to the theme of "city." Through that open window, the color pictures printed on the title page are not only one after another, but also a “fragment” that can be used to distinguish between differences. The use of die-cutting rigid mechanical forces for post-press processing will undoubtedly create brilliant results and stimulate the spirit of advancing with the times.

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