Automatic veneer machine adhesive manufacturing process

Matching ratio:

1 water 250kg; 2 starch 50kg; 3 hydrogen peroxide 2.5kg; 4 ferrous sulfate 120g; 5 pieces of alkali 5kg; 6 sodium thiosulfate 0.75kg; 7 borax 2.5kg; 8 defoamer amount.

Production Method:

Add clean water to the iron can, pour the starch, start the mixture and stir until the starch is completely hydrolyzed, then add hydrogen peroxide, ferrous sulfate and protopine solution in order. After the reaction is complete, add a yellow liquid and then add sodium thiosulfate, stir, and then add it. The boiled borax was continuously stirred for 10 minutes. Finally, the defoamer was added and the foam could be used after it had receded.

Note: The adhesive viscosity should be controlled between 25s and 30s. Otherwise, the automatic veneer machine will either throw away glue or it will not adhere well.

The above three kinds of adhesives are made of corn starch in the production, the water quality used should not be too hard, accessories, main materials must be tested in line with the standard before use, otherwise you should increase or decrease the amount of discretion, not to miss one.

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