Ten maintenance tips to make the furniture "new look"

The furniture that I have carefully selected, due to the accumulation of time, the furniture has been dirty, scratched, even cracked and deformed, making people look very uncomfortable, what should I do? Here are a few tips for maintaining your furniture, so that your beloved furniture will be "new look".

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Rattan or bamboo products will change color and have scale after being used for a long time. It can be scrubbed with salt water, which can decontaminate and make it soft and tough. Usually wipe with a wet towel to keep it clean.

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Making tea on the coffee table with the fireproof board will leave unsightly stains over time. You can sprinkle some water on the table, wipe it with the foil in the cigarette case, and then scrub it with water to wash off the tea stains easily.

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Hot cups and the like are placed directly on the lacquered furniture, leaving a circle of hot marks. Wipe with tartar with kerosene, alcohol, toilet water or strong tea, or gently rub or apply a layer of petroleum jelly on the hot marks with iodine, and wipe off the hot marks with a rag every two days.

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Combustions such as fireworks, ash or unfinished matches sometimes leave scorch marks on the furniture lacquer. If only the paint surface is burning, apply a thin layer of hard cloth on the toothpick to gently wipe the traces. Then apply a layer of wax and the scorch marks can be removed.

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After the trademark on the furniture is wiped off, it will leave a residue of adhesive, which is sticky and dirty. Can be removed with a thick eraser, the effect is good. The chewing gum on the floor can also be removed with an eraser.

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White desktops and chairs are easily soiled. It is very difficult to wipe off the dirty marks with a rag. You can squeeze the toothpaste on a clean rag. With a gentle rub, the stain on the furniture will be removed immediately. Remember not to use too much force to avoid damaging the paint.

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The paint surface is worn. If you do not touch the wood, apply a crayon or pigment that matches the color of the furniture to the damaged surface of the furniture, cover the exposed base color, and then apply a thin layer of transparent nail polish.

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Cracks in wooden furniture or flooring. You can cut the old newspaper, add a proper amount of alum, boil it into a paste with water or rice soup, then embed it into the crack with a knife and smooth it. After drying, it will be very firm, then apply the same color of paint, wood You can restore to the original face.

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If the electroplating switch of the appliance is touched frequently, it will lose its luster and be eroded by sweat. Frequently, Vaseline can be applied to prevent salt erosion.

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Regularly wax the leather and wooden furniture. Only normal maintenance can be used frequently.

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