PepsiCo's first pure plant plastic bottle

U.S. PepsiCo introduced pure plant plastic bottles on the 15th, saying that it is the world's first polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic bottle made entirely of plant materials.

The new plastic bottle is made from switchgrass, pine bark and corn bran. Pepsi also intends to add orange peels, oat hulls, potato skins and other remaining substances in the production process.

Rocco Papaglia, deputy head of research and development department at PepsiCo, said that the appearance, feel and performance of the new plastic bottles are no different from those of Pepsi's current plastic bottles.

He said: "This looks great, (people) can not tell. We have cracked the code (to create pure plant plastic bottles)."

Pepsi plans to produce hundreds of thousands of pure plant plastic bottles in 2012. According to Pepsi, if there is no problem with this scale of production, such new plastic bottles will be gradually used in their products.

The Associated Press said that PepsiCo's rival Coca-Cola Company is currently producing plastic bottles containing 30% of plant material. Coca-Cola Company expects that it will take several years to produce 100% pure plant plastic bottles and put them into commercial operation.

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