9 kinds of moisturizing and dry fruits in the spring

Fruit with moisturizing effect: Persimmon:

Fruity sweet, cold, into the lungs, spleen, stomach, large intestine, clearing heat and lungs, enjoy it.

Fruits with moisturizing effect, citrus:

The gentle personality of citrus makes it the king of fruit this fall, although citrus can be found every season, but autumn is the best to absorb the essence of the world. Needless to say, its benefits, just to think of its fresh taste, is enough to remove dryness, refreshing.

Fruit with moisturizing effect, sugar cane:

It is one of the best foods for clearing lung heat. It is a kind of sweet-skinned sugar cane that is sweet and cool. In addition to rich sugar and moisture, it also contains a lot of vitamins and other substances that are very beneficial to the body's metabolism. In the south, people used to use it to make all kinds of syrup. The sweet and scented juice makes the autumn beautiful.

Fruit with moisturizing effect, 荸荠:

And regardless of the outcome of the debate about whether it is fruit or vegetables, we only care about what kind of health it brings to us. Qingfei heat and detoxification is its greatest effect, and the crisp and juicy seasons are as popular as whether it is into the dish or as a dessert.

Fruits with moisturizing effect, pomegranate:

Pomegranate has a strong exotic flavor. It is warm, sweet and sour. It enters the lungs, kidneys, and large intestines. It is a thirst-quenching, solid and stable food. It is a good food for the body. Moreover, the difference between pomegranate and other fruits is that it requires us to treat the coral red fruits with care, making this moment full of childlike innocence.

Fruits with moisturizing effect, grapes:

Grape qi and nourishing blood, spleen and stomach, high nutritional value, sweet taste is very popular, and has always become a symbol of good fortune with fruit. Although the autumn grape has a high sugar content, it is a glucose that is easily absorbed by the body, and proper consumption does not cause too much burden. In addition, grape seed ingredients have recently appeared in the skin care products of major top brands, and its antioxidant and maintenance effects are evident.

Fruit with moisturizing effect, apple:

Apple is rich in nutrients and is a widely used natural beauty fruit. The large amount of water and various moisturizing factors contained in the apple have a moisturizing effect on the skin. Vitamin C can inhibit the melanin deposition in the skin, and the apple can be used to dilute facial freckles and chloasma. In addition, the rich fruit acid contained in the apple can make the pores smooth and have the effect of acne.

Fruits with moisturizing effect, kiwi:

Kiwifruit is rich in vitamin C and vitamin E. It not only whitens the skin, but also enhances the skin's antioxidant capacity. It effectively whitens the skin, eliminates freckles and acne, and enhances the skin's anti-aging ability.

In addition, kiwifruit also contains a lot of soluble fiber and minerals, which is good for skin health.

Fruits with moisturizing effect, nine bananas:

Banana is not only a delicious four-season fruit, but also a good helper to improve skin problems. All bananas are rich in nutrients from the inside to the outside. Banana flesh has the effect of lowering cholesterol. The most amazing is banana peel. It inhibits fungi and bacteria, treats skin pruritus, and often eats bananas to moisturize.

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