Waste carton making small frog

Production Intent: Improve children's interest in understanding Chinese characters and improve their oral expression skills

Educational value: To enable young children to gradually develop their ability to migrate Chinese characters while exploring, trying, thinking, operating, and fighting.

Waste carton making small frog
Waste carton making small frog
Waste carton making small frog
Waste carton making small frog

Production Method:

(1) Pack the carton with a sticky note;

(2) Waste Paper made ornamental animals and then posted good coupling means;

(3) making various colors of flowers and small dolls with cardboard;

(4) Fix the rope at one end of the paper tube, and clamp the clip at the lower end of the rope, and fix the flower doll on the rope for decoration;

(5) dividing the paper even into equal distances and fixing them on the paper box;

Adapt to age: adapt to 3-6 years old children, can be placed in the activity area

Operation method:

1. Clip the Chinese characters on the clips for reading;

2, using Chinese characters to group words, Solitaire games;

3. Use Chinese characters to form sentences and form a sentence for children to read;

4, can play two, three or more people;

5, this game can also be used in the calculation area, such as: find adjacent numbers, decompose to form addition and subtraction operations.

Measurements (mm)

1200*620 *480(L*W*H)


PP(Different material is available at your demand)


a. safe

b. durable
c. colorful

d. Simple and easy assembly


a. Advanced techniques and high-tech equipments

b. A full set of quality control system and comprehensive management mechanism
c. Owning a professional design team

d. Self-owned brand and independent manufacturer

(we can design new picture as your area plan, theme, colors, and other requirement)

Age Range


Apply to

Communities, amusement park, kindergarten, prechool, residential area, supermarket,



Standard export packing


EN1176, EN71, CCC,CE,14000,28000,GS,SGS

Warranty Period

2 years

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