Environmentally-friendly wooden food packaging box is put on the market

The Senmok eco-friendly food packaging box developed by Japan's ADTX-MS company and China's Taiwan Senwang Co., Ltd. was officially launched on the market in recent days.

Sensen eco-type packaging box uses leguminous trees "Falcata Senwang" as material, and can be directly discarded and burned. Product plasticity, heat-resistant range of up to 30 °C -220 °C, are both environmentally friendly and practical packaging products. The product has a total of 11 international patents, and the price is equivalent to that of existing plastics and other materials. The company plans to have annual sales of 1 billion yen.

Lemon Squeezer

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EASY TO USE : Simply cut fruit in half, and place it cut-side down in the bottom bowl of squeezer, and squeeze the handle. You will be able to squeeze maximum juice out of fruit in a way that you never imagined possible.

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