Exploring Factors Affecting Anilox Roller Transfer

Opening to wall

This factor has a certain influence on the ratio of ink transfer volume, cell depth, number of plate screens, and number of anilox roller lines. However, the ratio cannot be increased too much, otherwise it will affect the life of the anilox roller. At present, the proportion parameter has not been unified yet.

The anilox roller transmits ink from the cells, while the cell network is concave, and there must be a network wall. The ratio of the width of the former opening to the width of the wall is 5:1. In this case, the area of ​​the network wall accounts for the entire network. 31% of the roll. There should be no ink on the wall (especially if a squeegee is used). If the anilox is seen as a gravure version of the platen, the impression is a flat screen. It can be seen that the anilox roller is a point transmission ink, not surface ink, so the network wall is not ideal for the transmission of ink, if the high-light network points fall on the network wall will cause the loss of network points.

At present, the domestic ceramic anilox roller processing units, according to the characteristics of high ceramic hardness and good wear resistance, have increased the ratio of openings to the wall, such as 7:1, 8:1 or even more than 10:1, in order to achieve Reduce the area of ​​the wall and improve the effect of ink transfer.

This element has been continuously improved from the top after the ceramic anilox roll was successfully developed, and the volume of the cell site is continuously expanding, while the strength of the network wall is gradually weakened. So why do such a change?

(1) The role of the anilox roller is to transfer the ink. To enlarge the volume of the hole is to increase the amount of ink transferred by the anilox roller as much as possible. The depth of the net hole cannot be very deep, so the thickness of the net wall can only be reduced. Especially for the high number of anilox rolls, the amount of ink transferred is very small, which can not reach the use requirements. With the above changes, the amount of ink transferred by the anilox roll can be increased.

(2) The anilox roller is a dot transfer ink, and the flexographic printing ink transfer system has only one anilox roller in contact with the plate roller, compared with the surface transfer ink between the four plate rollers on the offset printing machine and the plate. It is determined that the anilox roll has sufficient ink transfer amount to achieve the desired effect.

(3) It helps to increase the ratio of the number of anilox roller lines to the number of screen lines. The ratio was initially 3:1, and the ceramic anilox roller increased to 4.5:1 or more after its birth. In this way, the high-light dots on the printing plate can be covered by the ink dots on the anilox roller, thus ensuring a rich, three-dimensional sense of the halftone product.

According to the data, compared with the first kind of network point, the amount of stored ink in the second network point can be increased by 10% to 15%, and the third type of ink storage volume can be increased by 20% to 30%. In addition, with a certain number of lines, the volume of the cell site is related to the service life of the ceramic anilox roller, so the processing unit should be reasonably selected.

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