Glue bottles

【Patent Name】 Adhesive Bottle 【Applicant】 Huang Huaming 【Inventor】 Huang Huaming 【Main Applicant Address】 321309 Yongkang Baixi Light Industry Machinery Factory, Longshan Industrial Zone North Road, Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province [Application Number] 200420150445.X
【 Application Date 】 2004.09.02
[Examination and announcement number] 2763082
【 Validation announcement date 】 2006.03.08
[Main classification number] B43M11/00(2006.01)I
[Classification] B43M11/00(2006.01)I B65D1/02(2006.01)I B65D47/42(2006.01)I B65D77/24(2006.01)I
[Sovereign Items] 1. A glue bottle comprising: a bottle body and a bottle cap matched with the bottle body; characterized in that: the bottle body is provided with a slot for containing solid glue.
[Instructions CD-ROM] D0610-2
【 Abstract 】 A kind of glue bottle includes: bottle body and bottle cap matched with the bottle body. The bottle body is provided with a slot for containing solid glue. Due to the lack of grooves in the bottle body, the solid glue can be conveniently stored on the bottle body, and at the same time, the solid glue can be easily removed by pressing the solid glue. The utility model can make the liquid glue and the solid glue be placed at the same time, which brings convenience for use and carrying. The bottle body is preferably a flat bottle. The bottle cap comprises a cap body and an outer cap. A middle part of the cap body is provided with a pointed cone-shaped protrusion. The upper part of the cap is provided with a card table and the lower part is provided with a thread; the outer cap is positioned on the tapered cone-shaped protrusion by a thread, and the outer cap is provided with There is a card portion that cooperates with the protruding chuck, and the tapered cone-shaped protrusion can close the rubber outlet in the outer cover. The rotary cover of the utility model can close or open the rubber outlet, can prevent the liquid glue from curing, and is very convenient to use.
【 Agency 】 Yongkang Lianhe Patent Office 【 Agent 】 Wu Weikai

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