X-ray food foreign body detection machine

In 2006, Gaojing launched a X-ray food foreign body inspection machine. The product's performance has reached the world's advanced level. Has applied for four invention patents.

The aircraft has the following features:

1. Friendly user interface 2.15-inch large-screen display, touch screen control, windows XP operating system 3. Various statistical functions 4. Excellent performance: can detect various metals and foreign materials through aluminum. Iron sensitivity ≥ 0.2mm, stainless steel sensitivity ≥ 0.5mm, and can detect foreign objects such as stones, glass, etc. 5. Extremely high safety and safety: lower than the tube pressure and flow of similar international products; strict test methods and debugging environment The installation of a safety switch; fully meet national standards 6. High-crystal X-ray detector specifications: skin width 250mm 400mm 500mm; using the world's top digital signal processing chip; data transmission and command control using 100M Ethernet technology 7. X light source parameters:

Anode Voltage: 0~100kV; Bulb Current: 0~7mA; Cooling Method: Air Cooling, Water Cooling Comparison Parameters Image Resolution Core Control Components Signal Processing Data Transmission Circuit Board Exposure Time Control Temperature Measurement and Data Power Input
System Integration Network Support Gaojing 65535 (16-bit)
Digital self-adapting adjustment includes PC online real-time single power supply +12VDC/2A

Integrated Integration 100 Mbps Ethernet Remote Interconnection 4096 (12-bit)
Manual adjustment of potentiometer Expanded additional circuit board Adjustment via dip switch Not supported +12VDC/2A
Disperse subsystem does not support

Source: International Food Processing and Packaging


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