Electronic publishing

The publishing industry is moving from traditional publishing to a new era of desktop printing, table and television, multimedia and online publishing.

In the 1970s, the problem of using computers to input Chinese characters began to be solved. The results of the 748 project were also realized using computer typesetting. Computer Chinese character information processing was a unique invention in the computer field of the Chinese people, which enabled the Chinese publishing industry to enter the electronic age. . In the mid-1980s, more than a dozen desktop publishing systems such as Huaguang, Keyin, Xinghan, Sitong, Poly, etc. based on Chinese computer Chinese character information processing technology were listed. At that time, people referred to them as electronic publishing systems and published them. The system or light printing system. Later, the Founder electronic publishing system occupied the dominant position of newspaper publishing, and it has also entered the book publishing market. Electronic publishing has almost become synonymous with computer typesetting systems. In the early 90s of the 20th century, desktop publishing was out of the black-and-white and text-based period. This concept has undergone new changes, and electronic publishing has entered a new field.

During this period, people realized that they could use computers to write texts, images, and sounds on different media, and electronic publishing could be developed into different fields. Its meaning has been greatly extended, including computer information, word processing and office integration; color prepress and computer integration printing; digital film and television and two, three-dimensional interpretation; multimedia technology and CD-ROM publications; Communication and online publishing. It can use computers to process text, graphics, color, and sound, integrate them, and publish it on different media using different transmission methods.

Sheds can foresee that various forms of publishing, such as paper, advertising, multimedia CDs, photography, film and television, and online publishing, will continue to exist for a long period of time, and will continue to emerge due to the emergence of new technologies. The forms of publication have all been sublimated. And it will not be crushed or lost because of other forms of publication. On the other hand, multiple forms of publication will blend with each other. A type of subject matter will be able to appear in various forms such as paper prints, film and television works, multimedia CDs, and online publications, which will further enrich the expression of publications.

In addition, the traditional publishing industry will seek development in various fields. Some publishers will strive for excellence in their traditional fields and achieve development while the other will accept new technologies, use new products, and explore new areas.

The emergence of new technologies and new products will stimulate the development of the traditional publishing industry and enable the publishing industry to serve more groups.

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