Heidelberg Company Press Conference - Crystallization of High Precision Technology - Speedmaster 102 Establishes New Industry Standard

Integration into digital workflows via CP2000 Center - Extended functionality of the CP2000 Center - Autoplate centralized control of plate changes - Newly designed take-up system improves printing machine performance for printing on various papers - via InkLine Direct) Automatic Continuous Ink Supply - CleanStar Reduces Powder Loss - SM 102 Achieves "One-pass Productivity" for 4/4 Color Prints Speedmaster SM 102 Series Debuts at Beijing International Printing Show Carefully redesigned and once again demonstrated the elegance of Heidelberg as a technical leader in the industry. This press contains a wealth of innovative technologies and new automation features that not only set new standards in print quality, but also brings the highest levels of productivity. CP2000 Center - the most advanced control system in the printing industry - ensures optimal operation and integration with digital workflows. Now, as an extension function, it has been allowed to directly compare the pre-press preview data with the real job to be printed on the touch screen. Multiple printers can be networked. The CP2000 Center's extended functionality CP2000 Center press control system has been further optimized to meet modern technology and ergonomics standards. Improvements include a color touch screen interface and a preview of new CIP3 data printed images using Presentlink. Heidelberg's new CANBus (CAN bus) interface and CANOpen set the standard for further integration in the highly automated sheetfed offset field. Auxiliary equipment such as InkLine or DryStar drying system can be controlled centrally through the CP2000 Center. Equipment diagnosis, visual monitoring of the printing process, recording and storage of operating data are also all performed through the CP2000 Center. This not only reduces the operator's working pressure, increases productivity, but also helps to save raw material costs. Automated copying system centrally controls the replacement of printing plates This series of printing presses is equipped with an automatic copying system, whereby users can easily activate the automatic plate change function of all printing units through the CP2000 Center, making job preparation easier and less expensive. It is shorter. Newly designed take-up unit improves the runnability of the press - applies to all substrates Heidelberg redesigned the paper feeder in the take-up unit specifically for the Speedmaster SM 102 and rearranged the Venturi nozzle And improve the air supply. The simplification and repetitive operation of the total air conditioning increase the ease of use. The paper is actually suspended above a layer of air cushion before it reaches the delivery unit, so that the production speed can be improved even if the paper is difficult to convey. In addition, higher productivity can be achieved in the production of actual jobs. The Star of Cleansing reduces the amount of dust generated. The Heidelberg Cleaner Star helps to reduce the amount of dusting. The delivery unit of the Speedmaster SM102 has been equipped with a built-in waste toner collection device, plus a double-injected double-injection powder system to form the best controllable dusting system on the market. The Clean Star is a product of the Heidelberg Star concept. The Heidelberg Star aims to integrate a large number of printing aids into a compact, easy-to-handle compact device. All Star-concept auxiliary equipment is equipped with a water-cooled machine. Type to choose from. Automatic Continuous Ink Supply System - Ink supply units that were launched two years ago as direct ink lines are ink lines equipped with 2 kg ink cartridges. Today, this product has evolved into a fully automatic ink supply system - direct ink line. Now, the central ink supply system can also provide ink for the printer; this avoids the need to replace the ink cartridge and saves installation time. The Speedmaster CD 102 printing gold and silver universal Speedmaster CD 102 single-sided printing press centralized control through the CP2000 Center, modular design structure makes it a very wide range of applications, is the ideal business printing, label printing and folding carton printing ideal model . The newly developed gold and silver inks are the new darling of the folding carton and label market. They can be used on-line using the glazing unit. Heidelberg has provided customers with a choice to replace expensive processes such as high-grade printing methods such as gravure or foil stamping, and the use of advanced materials such as metallized paper. Heidelberg is also selling the Speedmaster CD 102 as a pure offline finishing machine, which is sold as a stand-alone machine without an offset printing unit. For companies that want to provide additional post-press processing and services, as well as the flexibility of the modular CD 102 series, the Speedmaster CD 102 is a highly flexible solution. Speedmaster SM 102 - Twelve Printing Units Constitute a Single-pass Productivity The Speedmaster SM 102 controlled by the CP2000 Center is a double-sided printing press that offers customers new quality standards. In the same-level presses, the SM 102 is the only model capable of providing twelve print unit configurations, enabling “one-pass” productivity of 6/6 colors or 5/5 colors plus light jobs. The concept of Heidelberg's new PerfectJacket is reflected in the paper flipping operation of the Speedmaster SM 102, which improves print quality. The replaceable jacket of the impression cylinder has made the double-sided printing machine a significant advance in print quality and productivity. In addition to reducing surface wear, its main advantages include reduced cleaning operations and extended non-cleaning production cycles. Heidelberg's PerfectJacket brings single-sided printing quality standards for double-sided printing. Fig. 1: The Speedmaster SM 102 operated by the CP2000 Center is a high-quality double-sided printing press, providing customers with new quality standards. In the same-level presses, the SM 102 is the only model that can provide twelve print unit configurations and can achieve 6/6 color or 5/5 color plus light “one-pass” productivity. Figure 2: The CP2000 Center press control system for the Speedmaster 102 series has been optimized to meet modern technology and ergonomics standards. Improvements include a color touch screen interface and a preview of CIP3 data printed images obtained using Presentlink. Figure 3: The Speedmaster 102 Series features two features to save job preparation time - with the CP2000 Center, users can use the enhanced automatic plate-up system to enable automatic plate change for all printing units. The ink line system ink supply that began to be used two years ago has now developed into a fully automatic ink supply system - direct ink line. For more information, please contact: Mr. Zhu Zhongyu, Heidelberg China Ltd. Tel: +86-10-6467 2888-853 Fax: +86-10-6468 2200 E-mail: louis.delberg.com or visit our news website

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