Offset overhaul of the press

Weekend maintenance is to ensure the normal operation of the machine, ensure product quality, complete production tasks on time, and find important parts of accidents with high efficiency and low consumption. Therefore, weekend maintenance is very important and necessary. Weekend maintenance should be carried out from the following aspects.

1. The machine is clean. Ensure that the machine is clean and sanitary without debris, no sludge, no paper ash; tools are arranged neatly, paper rolls, products are stacked in an orderly manner, and there are no production-related items around the machine.

2. The printing unit is an important part of ensuring product quality. The normal operation of the printing unit is to ensure that the product is full of ink, bright color, and the pressure is enriched. It can be overhauled from three aspects: 1 ink supply mechanism, 2 ink distribution mechanism, and 3 ink supply mechanism. First, check the rubber roller for damage, degumming and loosening; secondly, check if the pressure of the rubber roller depends on the plate, whether it meets the requirements of the plate water pressure, whether there is pressure loss on the rubber, etc. If any problems are found, adjust the maintenance in time to avoid accidents and ensure that the machine is normal. Operation.

3. The folding unit is the part that guarantees that the booklet folding is accurate and the specifications meet the quality requirements. The folding unit can be divided into left and right folding mechanisms. Mainly check the wearing parts, such as page knife, knife potential, folding knife, track, eccentricity, etc., whether it needs to be replaced, whether there is looseness of the screws, whether the parts are in good condition, and if any problems are discovered and repaired in time, avoid accidents.

4. Air supply section. Air compressors and gas lines are indispensable parts for ensuring the normal operation of the machine. Air pressure directly affects the printing pressure. When overhauling, the air compressor should be refueled (special oil) and drained on the air cylinder periodically to check whether the air path is unblocked, and whether there is any loose air leakage phenomenon at the connector joints. If any problems are found, repair the equipment in time to ensure normal operation of the equipment.

5. Lubrication of the machine. Lubricating oil can be divided into paste and liquid. The role of lubricating oil is to reduce the friction between the parts, help the parts to dissipate heat, prevent the parts from rusting, and the lubrication of the machine can extend the service life of the machine and enable the machine to Smooth operation. When adding a paste, make sure to add enough oil to each point (see new oil and squeeze out old dirty oil). The maintenance of the liquid lubricant mechanism should check whether the oil path is unimpeded, whether the oil in the fuel tank needs to be replaced and whether the fuel tank needs to be cleaned.

6. Water supply section. First of all, we must clean the water tank to ensure that there are no sundries in the water tank, and the water quality meets the printing requirements; secondly, check whether the upper water pipe and the lower water pipe are unblocked, clean the water bucket, and ensure that the water bucket is clean and free of debris. Find problems and repair them in time to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

The weekend maintenance should be careful and comprehensive. From the front to the rear of each unit, the machine should be repaired from the casing to the interior of the machine. Doing the weekend maintenance will ensure the normal operation of the machine will have a multiplier effect.

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