The e-Book term pool (1)

Acrobat Reader

Adobe's free PC software is used to read Adobe's PDF files.

ClearType and ClearType

The low-pixel display technology for LCD displays belongs to Microsoft and Adobe, respectively. The low pixel display has changed the pixel values ​​of the three basic colors of red, blue, and green on the LCD display, which is better than the conventional display.

ClearType. It is a major technological innovation in MS Reader, which is Microsoft's e-Book reading software for desktops and handheld devices.


Tablet-sized special reading device developed by French company Cytale.

Dedicated Reading Device

Rocket e-Book

A portable computer device designed to read e-books. To protect copyright, such devices usually provide only a closed computing environment and cannot run other software. For example: SoftBook Reader, Cybook, goReader, RCA REB1100, and REB1200.


The name of a text document format that you can read with several reading software on your Palm device. Do not confuse the .doc file name extension with the Microsoft Word document on your PC.


Digital Rights Management, Digital Rights Management. DRM companies such as (MediaDNA, SoftLock, Digital Owl, and ContentGuard) sell technologies for encrypting distribution of e-books and controlling user usage.


Abbreviation for Electronic Book. Usually refers to content, not reading equipment.


Electronic Book Exchange, ebook exchange. A standard developed by the Electronic Book Exchange Working group for the secure transfer of e-Book content between content creators, publishers, and end users.


encryption. e-Book's encryption process allows people with the correct password to read it. Most e-book encryption is to prevent copying and unauthorized transmission.

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