Web Publishing Type--POD Introduction

The POD is printed on demand, and its ultimate approach is what the reader needs, what the writer writes, and what the publisher offers. It can meet the needs of quantified customers. Foreign countries are very optimistic about the development prospects of POD. Europe and the United States are doing, and the Asia Pacific region will gradually do it. The breakthrough in digital printing technology now makes POD possible and is forming its market size.
How do PODs do? POD must first have customer needs before publishing books. This is the biggest difference from traditional publishing. Because POD already knows the specific needs of users, it can provide customers with personalized products. Why is POD now successful? The first is the breakthrough of computer technology and the extensive application of Internet technology, which provides technical protection for POD. Second, with the increasing demand for personalization of books, the POD market is growing. Moreover, because POD is printed according to customer needs, there is no intermediate link between publishers and readers, which has a strong timeliness, improves circulation efficiency, and reduces a considerable portion of costs.

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