Talking about the bonding repair of leaking steel drum

Talking about the bonding repair of leaking steel drum

Xinjiang Xu Fuyuan

In the production of steel drums, it is difficult to achieve a one-time pass rate of 100% for steel drums. It is inevitable that some barrels will have leak points at the T-shaped mouth and seam welds. In the past two years, our factory has used the CIS plate to make several barrels with small holes that are invisible to the naked eye. Most of the barrel industry uses the electric welding repair method. The repaired steel drum can only be sold as a treatment. Can we solve the repair problem and sell the repaired barrel as a qualified barrel. After many tests by our factory, we can now sell the repaired barrel according to the first-class qualified barrel.

Our factory was originally prepared to use epoxy resin bonding repair. The epoxy resin is cured into a hard block or a hard strip, and the steel drum plate is only 1.2 mm thick, and the epoxy resin is easily peeled off from the steel drum during handling and transportation.

After many tests, our factory used GHD-5A elastic bonding sealant. The sealant has a tensile strength of more than 25 kg/cm2 and a viscosity strength of more than 7 kg/cm2; the hardness is about about sh45, and has a certain elasticity. GHD-5A glue does not break when the steel barrel is deformed. The glue consists of a strip of glue, a curing agent, and a promoter, and is formulated according to the instructions. The ambient temperature does not have a large effect on the glue, and it is generally operable at normal temperature.

Use a scrap saw blade or wire brush to clean the area around the leak to remove rust and gel. Wash the leak around with acetone. Apply the adjusted GHD-5A gel to the leak. If it appears in a leaking point larger than 3mm, it can be re-bonded to it with a small piece of aluminum. After the drop test, there is no leakage at the T-shaped mouth of the steel drum.

Economic Benefit Analysis. In the past, an external product barrel was sold for less than 20-30 yuan for the first-class barrel. If it was calculated at 20 yuan, the gas welding repaired 50 barrels without loss of repair costs would be 1,000 yuan. 1kg of GHD-5A glue can repair 50 leaking buckets of T-shaped mouth, and the value of each kilogram of glue is 200 yuan. It can make the factory lose 800 yuan less, and it is easy to operate, safe and reliable. It is best to repair the galvanized bucket with this glue.

I think it is feasible to use GHD-sA glue to bond the barrel.

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